PFLUON general grade silicone coating, includes variety colors on coating, with bright color and high gloss.It can meet the outer coating on kinds of cookware.

7 color systems

In addition to ensuring the excellent performance, our Silibasic Coating can also provide abundant color solutions at
the same time. In the existing standardized product series of Silibasic For External, products of seven color systems
are now available for your choice. Coating surface of high-gloss and high-hardness combining with beautiful color
based on typical natural color guide can realize external performance with higher quality.
Note: the specific color model selection, please contact PFLUON Call center: 4000 600 955 or directly into the PFLUON store

3-4 colors extension

The standardized Silibasic Coating products can be extended to many
rich colors on the basis of the seven color systems. Each color system
can provide three to four more delicate color solutions. Each color is
highly refined from natural and life aesthetics. There are 27 colors
available for you to choose directly, which can provide richer color
options for your cookers.

3 Appearances Effects

3 appearances effects: primary color, large flash, small flash.
Besides the rich colors for selection, our Silibasic Coating is able
to provide more appearances effects. You can add flash effects
to make your products look more bright and to reach
high-quality appearance.
Performance Testing between Silibasic For External and Ordinary Plastic Powder Under the same test conditions, Silibasic Coating product shows significant performance advantages compared to ordinary plastic powder. Silibasic Coating has more excellent hardness, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
260 ℃ sustained temperature resistance enables a cooker to achieve better performance on daily uses.The excellent flexibility of Silibasic Coating, in which the spray painting can be bent for 1mm or even be T-shaped bent, can meet the processing technology requirements of a variety of products.
Process Comparison between Silibasic For External and Ordinary Plastic Powder Compare to plastic-spraying technology of the plastic powder, the spray-painting technology of Silibasic Coating has superior leveling properties. The molecular structure of solvents, additives and resin used for spray-painting is much helpful for leveling. Plastic spraying technology often leads to orange-peel defects.
In addition, spray-painting can be repaired. As spray-painting is available for recoating, the pitting or scratches caused by oversized air film in painting process can be repaired at any time. As for plastic spraying, the above defects cannot be repaired due to its inherent process limitations. The spray-painting is quite decorative and the appearance color is dozens of times than plastic spraying.
Compared with plastic spraying, the surface of painting spraying is easier to overcome the substrate defects so as to meet the customer requirements for quality standards. If the surface of the plastic spraying is treated inappropriately, it will be easier to produce pitting defects (foam).
Based on the above comparisons, Silibasic Coating has a higher yield as well as excellent performance and beautiful appearance compared to ordinary plastic powder.
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