Granite is also colorful
We are not a maker of color, but each
piece of our work focuses on natural colors
Satisfy your needs in many fields
Can be used widely on Fryer pan, Stockpot, Rice cooker, Bakeware as well as Household Appliance
The nature surface you have never seen, however, it's a new vital factor for your production line. Developed by PFLUON' s R&D team, HUA GANG YAN-Coating is a new non-stick coating product based on color and texture of real granite with advantages including high hardness, wear resistance and good non-tickiness. Not that we are not unwilling to create more colors; we just have no intention to create an unreal color. Intended only for perfect re-creation of real objects, our R&D team rigorously controls each test and fine-tuning to re-create the natural colors. Unfortunately at present, we were able to create only six genuine granite patterns,which, after R&D, were named as: bluish gray, flame red, sea blue, camel yellow, glaze yellow, coffee brown, vandyke brown, british green and autumn ginkgo.
Provide a specific solution plan We provide cooperative-development service to create more possibilities, more chances of your new product, a specific solution plan for your market. Note: For real color effect, please contact your PFLUON Sales representative for coated panel, pictures are only for your reference. Online Service

Technical features
The reduced spraying process is an advantage for the products. Different from conventional coating with various defects due to multipoint spraying process, HUA GANG YAN – Coating achieves multipoint color blending spraying and shortens the production time. It is the best choice to enrich the product lineup and promote new products in the market.
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