3D-Coating is a three-layer non-stick waterborne fluororesin coating with 3D visual effect developed based on CorrosinoTM series of functional coating. The impressive 3D-coating effect could be freely customized and offers excellent inadhesion and chemical resistance.
Inadhesion Corrosion resistance Wear resistance Heat resistance
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Exclusively custom-made visual effect

We can display some simple patterns three-dimensional onto the cookware, such as circle, triangle, square, dot, line, star, etc. The customers would be depressiveand have a satisfaction, if they can customize their favourite patters onto the cookware.

3D - Coating

Satisfy your needs in many fields Can be used widely on Fryer pan, Stockpot, Rice cooker, Bakeware as well as Household Appliance

Safety and certification

PFLUON cooperates with internationally well-known testing agencies (SGS) to assure the compliance of products and services with global standards and local regulations.We can prove to you and your end users that our 3D-Coating series of products measure up to national and international standards and codes.
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