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Testing center

Pfluon product testing center check on every product by a set of strict testing flow. With advanced testing equipments, seasoned high-quality professional testing team, and testing the products in strict accordance as standard files, we will be responsible for the representativeness of the sample, accuracy and timeliness of the testing result.
Our strict attitude and advanced testing equipment has been widely accepted in the industry. Meanwhile, we were asked to take part in many institutes to establish the industry standards. Pfluon product testing center not only offer the measure for Pfluon, but also became a influential and well-known testing center in the industry.

Non-stick tests
DetailsFrying egg test
DetailsBoiling milk test
Abrasion resistance tests
DetailsBack and force abrasion test
DetailsLAG abrasion test
Corrosion resistance tests
DetailsSaltwater resistance test
DetailsHydrochloric acid resistance test
DetailsAcetic acid resistance test
Scratch resistance tests
DetailsTiger paw test
DetailsCoin test
Basic properties
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