Innovation, better your life is the outlook on values practiced by PFLUON in its 25 years of development and an emblem of the brand PFLUON in the field of non-stick coatings. As a Chinese enterprise originating from the manufacture of non-stick coatings, PFLUON is taking big strides along the path of becoming a chemical group of coatings and new materials based on a pragmatic and innovative corporate spirit.


PFLUON Group consists of Zhejiang PFLUON Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in the manufacturing of non-stick coatings and Zhejiang PFLUON Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang PFLUON Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in R&D and production of non-stick coatings and provides non-stick coating products and services. As one of the globally leading suppliers of non-stick coatings, the company has the globally largest automatic production base of non-stick coatings. It has an industrially first-class R&D team, with several industrial experts who have worked in the industry for over 20 years. It is a nationally accredited high-tech enterprise.

Zhejiang PFLUON Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in production and sales of fluororesin, silicon resin non-stick coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings and PES and PEEK special-purpose industrial coatings;

Established in December 2010, Zhejiang PFLUON Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high-performance polymers such as PEEK and PES and the application and development of products. Its Phase I has completed production lines with an annual output of 700 tons of PEEK polymer and PES resin.

Zhejiang PFLUON Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has insisted on a close cooperation with the clients and has been engaged in the R&D of sustainable products in the field of high performance polymers and composite materials. It keeps developing new applications and products, introducing more effective materials to the market, providing the clients with more flexible designs and more outstanding products and enhancing the competitiveness and values of its products.

We cooperate with material processing enterprises and provide supports and services such as product designs, processing technologies and performance testing.

Our Values

PFLUON aims to be a service oriented enterprise and a provider of quality product solutions, adopts a strategy of keeping product development and quality control in synch with the factories and brand operators, insists on the principle of making progress in the technological competition, with an aim to achieve "scientific and technological innovation, creating a quality life".

Our Vision

"Caring about the industrial chain", as an element of the industrial chain, PFLUON will keep working hard for the products and services and innovation for the manufacturing industry of electrical appliances and cooking utensils, create a good industrial environment and achieve a sustainable development with stable quality and splendid services.

Innovation,better your life

New Development Mode--PFLUON Mall

From 2015, PFLUON has entered a development mode of business double-track system, established a Call Center and transferred its standardized product sales to the Internet, which can reduce the intermediate links and financial expenses for its common products, thereby cutting its operating costs and enhancing the efficiency. Besides, for the highly complex products or products customized according to the individualistic demands of the clients, they will continue to take the conventional business model.

PFLUON Mall has brought us a brand new business model. However, quality products and services have always been guarded by us. Under the new business model, our online service and offline technical service are under a baptism of the new model. Our communication with partners becomes more direct, our transaction links become more simple, and our technical services become more pertinent. All of this is evolving actively. We will meet the advancement and challenges brought by the informationization with an innovative mind. For PFLUON, a new round of pressure test has almost begun; for the industry, a new round of changes is going on quietly...

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Era of Product "Standardization"

To enhance the product competitiveness, after a systematic market survey and technical research, PFLUON has raised a development strategy for product standardization based on product system. PFLUON Mall adopts a standardized product sales mode. The standardized products can meet the concentrated demands of most customers and can also meet the requirements for large-scale automatic production. On the basis of unified testing standards and wonderful quality consistence, it can greatly reduce the product costs and enhance the cost performance.

The standardized products of PFLUON are mostly from market test for above two years, which boast a broad scope of application and a stable quality. They are released under the COOKMARK series, CORROSINO series and CERAMICAL series of PTFE and ceramic product system.

With its product system covering different market positioning and performance demands, under the support of solid strength of "high quality and high output capacity", the standardized products can guarantee the quality, cut the product costs on a large scale, thereby fundamentally enhancing the cost performance of products.

Innovation , better your life .

Service Center

Opportunity for Service Innovation

At PFLUON, innovation is always not limited to the level of products. We also pay attention to the innovation of services. Having engaged in the field of non-stick coatings for 25 years, we have accumulated very rich customer service experience. However, facing the different demands of different clients, we must summarize and innovate our service contents. When the traditional fine chemistry encounters the electronic business, when we promote the product standardization, when we need to solve the demands of clients more efficiently, the opportunity for service innovation finally comes to us.

Communication is the foundation of service

Even for a simple question, we will often receive different forms of expression. Plus the information loss in the communication from level to level, our communication efficiency begins to lower level by level. As a result, both sides will distort the issue and result in a low-efficiency state of repeated solving and repeated communication. It has become a basic issue we need to face to break the communication bottleneck in our service innovation.

Based on the internet communication of electronic business, we have set up a PFLUON Call Center. We will take it as our only communication platform with our clients. Behind the platform is a customer service team and technical service team with rich experience. On this communication platform, any problem raised by our clients can be recorded completely to generate an only report on the enquiry from our clients.

We insist on the labor division principle of a professional team in solving professional issues: Firstly, after a preliminary classification, the before-sale and after-sale issues will be submitted to the customer service seats for concentrated handling. The product technology and production line issues will be solved by the technical service seats. At the level of technical issue, our technical service can directly connect with the clients, which can greatly shorten the communication link and truly realize one-stop communication. We will concentrate our resources to solve the issues involved in the aforesaid report. The solutions will be developed into a feedback document, which will be provided to our clients via the only communication platform of Call Center. When there is no information loss in our communication, we can feedback the solutions to our clients quickly, and fundamentally enhance our communication efficiency.

It's the fundamental purpose for our service to provide our clients with complete solutions

On the platform of PFLUON Call Center, we can achieve a quick response in online service and an effective implementation in offline service and form a highly efficient customer service mechanism. When we take the aforesaid report as the only source of problems, we will fully mobilize our resources and guide the solving of service issues with efficient internal communication. At the level of specific execution, we will adopt two paths, namely, online answering and offline follow-up: When we receive questions about before-sales enquiry, transaction process and product logistics, we will give a quick answer online. When the issues involve product technologies such as production line adaptability of coating products and construction technology of production lines, we will dispatch our technicians to the front-line of our clients to pertinently solve the issues at the site. The combination of online and offline services enables us to provide the most effective solutions to our clients.

24-hour all-weather online platform

During 2015, our PFLUON Call Center's official 400 service hotline achieved 24-hour online service. In enhancing our service efficiency, we promise a 24-hour response to any customer service demand from the Call Center, answer any online service enquiry within 24 hours and dispatch our technicians for offline technical issues within 24 hours.

The excellent standardized products and efficient Call Center service platform have brought us brand new business model. Thus far, partners engaged in the transactions in PFLUON Mall have felt the convenient and professional service experience brought by the Call Center. We are very clear that any innovation cannot be completed alone by a single enterprise. So we welcome our industrial partners to offer us precious suggestions and advices. We will continuously promote our service innovation with a spirit of caring about the industrial chain and provide our industrial partners with more efficient and comprehensive non-stick coating solutions.

Communication with PFLUON service staff

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Innovation,better your life
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