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Wonderful work of art

Marble-Coating series adheres to the essence of nature and the fantastic color variation, the technology is perfectly
combined with natural inspiration to better modern quality life and bring more natural product experience.
All for your needs Marble-Coating is targeted at middle and high-grade kitchen utensil field. According to your requirements for product performance, two-layer or three-layer non-stick coating products can be selected to form a perfect combination of appearance and performance.
Two-layer Marble-Coating
Three-layer Marble-Coating
Performance comparison
Performance of two-layer Marble-Coating products Performance of three-layer Marble-Coating products
Non-stick property      Corrosino resistance    Heat endurance          Abrasion resistance     
Non-stick property      Corrosino resistance    Heat endurance          Abrasion resistance     
Wide application

Marble-coating series is widely applied to internal coating of non-stick kitchenware such as aluminum-made
frying pans, woks, stockpots, electric stewpots, electric bake wares and cake molds.
For your targeted marketing
To cater for meet different requirements of your end customers and enrich your production line,
we specially customize 11 types of personalized products for your selection.
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